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A\N Lemon and extreme fluff >.>

You took your usual shortcut through the park on your way home from school. It was quicker than taking the main road and much more peaceful too. You sang a song to yourself and swayed your head to the beat. It was a bright and sunny day and lucky you; you didn't have much homework! So you decided that when you get home you would go for a jog. You get to the end of the park and cross the street into your neighborhood. Your house wasn't very far from the main road so it only took a few minutes to get there. The first thing you notice was a moving truck in front of the house to the left of yours. It has been abandoned for as long as you could remember and you were excited, maybe they'll have other kids around your age! You tried to get a quick peek at who was in the house but only saw the some movers coming in and out with furniture.

You go inside your house and throw your bag down by the door. "Hey sweetie! How was your day?" Your mom calls from the kitchen. You go to her and give her a kiss on the cheek. "It was good. Did you know we have new neighbors?" You asked with an excited smile. She nods, "It's only one person, a man. He came over and we chatted for a bit. He said he's opening up a business down by the park selling sweets." You frown a bit imagining an old man living next to you selling candy to little kids… "Perv…" You accidentally say out loud. "What was that ______?" "Uh, nothing mom! I'm going to go for a quick jog. See you when I come back." "Alright, be safe!"

You go to your room and change into sweat pants, a tank top, and running sneakers. You tie your hair back and grab your ipod before leaving the house. The sun shined bright making it a bit hot. You blasted your music and run down seven blocks before turning around to go back home.

You get back to your house and you were hot and sweaty so you take a shower. After twenty minutes of cooling down in the shower, you walk back to your room in only a towel. Since your room was to the left of the house and no one has lived there in forever, you keep your window open. You take of your towel and walk around your room naked looking for your clothes. But then you remembered: dirty old pervert lives next door. You stop and grab your towel and run over to the window. There, in the window of the other house, sat a man with blonde hair and blue eyes staring at you with a smile. He waves at you and you blush and close your curtains as quickly as you could.

So he wasn't an old man but definitely a pervert. You get dressed and plop down on your bed with your laptop. You surf the web for about two hours and do the little homework you did have. "______!" your mom calls you. "Yes?" You called back. She didn't answer. "YES???" You called again. Still no answer. You groan and get up from your comfortable spot and trudge into the kitchen. "Yes ma'am?" Your mom sat at the table with the blonde haired guy from next door. He smiles at you and you look down and blush. "_____, this is our neighbor, Artie. Artie, this is my daughter _____." He stands up and gives you a hug. "It's so nice to meet you _____!" You pull away from him quickly. "Uh… yeah. Same."

You got a better look at Artie. He wasn't much taller than you and looked like he was twenty but dressed like a five year old. "He was just telling more about his bakery he was going to open and he needs employees to help him. Do you think you would be interested?" You look from your mom to Artie and back to your mom. "No, I have too much school work and stuff to do. I don't need a job on top of that." Artie pouted. "Oh come on ____! Please! I can make a schedule specially to work around your school hours. And I will pay you good. I promise." Your mom nods. "You need to start saving money if you ever want that car you wanted, heaven knows I can't afford that." You sigh and actually think about it. School wasn't very hard at all and you never did much in the afternoons besides jog, eat, sleep, and go on the computer. It would be nice to get some money for things you want.

"Fine, I'll do it. When will I start?" Artie jumps up excitedly and gives you another hug. "It's still under construction but it should be done in about a month and that's when you'll start." You sigh and nod. "Alright, just keep me updated," You turn and go back to your room.

~*~*~*~The Next Day~*~*~*~

You were finally almost home from school. It was Friday and you were glad, finally time to relax! You walk up to your house and notice Artie in his front yard gardening. He waves at you and you wave back. You throw your stuff down and your mom comes to greet you. "How was school?" "Good," The two of you walk into the kitchen and you grab some pretzels to munch on. You tell your mom about your day at school when suddenly there's a knock on the door. "_____, could you get that? It's probably Artie." You groan a little. "What, are you two like best friends now?" Your mom laughs and shakes her head. "No, he's been asking about you all day. I think he has a crush on you!"

"Isn't he like twenty five though?" She shakes her head. "No, he's nineteen. Pretty young to be on his own and starting a business at that! He's only two years older than you and you know I don't mind you dating older guys." She nudges at your shoulder and winks and you laugh. "No way, not happening. Especially if he's going to be my boss!" You hear another knock on the door and you go to answer it. Standing there was Artie covered in dirt and grass. "_______!" He gives you a big hug and you stand there awkwardly. "Hey there…" You invite him in and he greets your mom with a big hug. They chat for a bit before your mom turns to you. "______, why don't you take Artie to your room so you guys can get to know each other a bit better." He jumps up with a big grin and grabs your hand. You glare at your mom and then guide him to your room. You walk in and he frowns a bit. "Your room is boring, it needs more… pizzazz!" You grumble a bit and sit on your bed. He plops down right next to you.

It was quiet for a bit and you sigh. "So… you're opening a bakery, right? You bake well?" He smiles and nods. "I love to bake! Mostly cupcakes but I'll do anything. I cook regular food too but baking is so much more fun and tasty." You give him a little smile. "I use to bake with my mom when I was little. Of course all I would do was stir, but I still helped. It was fun, but I don't actually know how to really bake without help." "I can teach you if you want. You can come over to my place any time and we can bake all day and all night and the next day until you just can't bake anymore." You laugh and hold up your hands. "Whoa now, easy there cake boy. Calm down."

"Sorry, I got a bit excited. It's been a long time since I've had a friend to bake with. Ever since I left home I've been doing everything myself." His voice sounded a bit sad but he still had the goofy smile on his face. "When did you leave home?" "I left when I was sixteen. I moved in with a friend of mine and then he got mad at me so I left. I had enough money to have my own apartment and I worked hard until I was finally able to afford this place." You were impressed. This kid acts like a child in a man's body, but he has gone through a lot and seemed to have handled it very maturely. "So, if you moved out when you were sixteen, did you ever finish school?" He shook his head. "Nope, I started working right away though so I was able to make a living. I learned everything I needed from my mates and other people I met." He seemed proud of himself, but then turned red in the face. "I'm not saying you should drop out of school though. You can still finish it if that's your thing. I mean you don't have that much longer, right?"

You nod. "Yeah, I only have one more year left and then I'm off to college. I think I want to do something in the medical field, but I'm not sure yet." He sighs, "That's a lot of school left! You're going to be stuck in there forever." You shrug. "It's what I want to do so it shouldn't be that bad, right? I mean, if you went to school for cooking you would have fun." He shakes his head and pouts. "No way! I tried going to culinary school, those people don't know what they are talking about. And plus most of the teachers there are mean and strict and it's no fun."

It goes quiet again. You started to feel awkward so you spoke again. "So what are you going to call your place?" He thought about it and then shrugged. "Don't know yet. Haven't really thought of the name." You stare at him and sigh. "How could you not…. Whatever. Why don't we come up with something now?" He nods and bounces up and down excitedly. "Yeah! That's a great idea!" The two of you thought and you have an "ah ha!" moment. "Artie, you said you like cupcakes them most, right?" He nods. "And this is going to be a bakery, right?" He nods again. "So why not call it… the Cupcakery!" He jumps off the bed and pulls you up with him. "________! You are a genius!" He gives you a bear hug and you hug him back. "Aha, thanks Artie."

Your mom walks into your room. "Awwww, look who is getting along well now." You pull away from Artie and blush. She laughs and nudges at you and winks. "Mom, please, just no. Stop." Artie tugs on your shirt to get your attention and then whispers in your ear, "You should ask your mom if you can come over to my house." He smiles and you blush some more. "Why don't you just ask her?" "Ask me what?" Your mom had a big smile on her face and her eyes got big. "He wanted me to ask if I could go over to his house." "Well of course you can!" You stop for a moment. "Wait, I didn't even want to go over in the first place! What if I had plans for this afternoon? I'm a busy person!" The both of them laugh and Artie puts a hand on your shoulder.

"Come on ______, it'll be fun! I promise~" You sigh knowing you wouldn't win. "Fine, I'll go over. But only for a little while!" Your mom and Artie cheer as you trudge out the door. "Have fun~" Your mom calls from the door. "I'll try…" You notice new flowers in his front yard. "Your little garden looks nice." "Thanks! I was working on it all day." You walk into his house and all over the walls are pictures and paintings and decorations. The aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg surrounds you and it makes you feel warm. Artie guides you to his bedroom where there were still boxes everywhere. "Sorry my place is messy; I haven't spent much time unpacking the stuff I don't really need yet." "It's okay, you're place is lovely." "Thank you," He goes into his closet and pulls out fresh clothes. "I need to shower and get all of this dirty dirt off of me so just wait here." He scurries away and you glower in his direction. "Why would he invite me over and then just leave me alone?"

You lie down on his bed and wait. Thirty minutes pass by and he still wasn't out. "Geez, what's taking this kid so long?!" Just then Artie bursts into his room with only a towel covering him. You cover your face and look away. "Dude, get some clothes on, please." He giggles and sits next to you. "Come on, it's not like I haven't seen you with clothes already~" You blush deep red. "You are so creepy oh my gosh. I'm leaving." You stand up, not even looking at him. He grabs your arm. "Wait _____, I'm sorry! Please stay." You look at him and he stared back with pleading eyes. "Please don't go, I didn't mean to." You sigh and sit down next to him. "You're staying?" You sigh again and nod. "Yay!" He hugs you tightly.

After he gets dressed the two of you sit in his kitchen and look at different recipes. "Pumpkin cupcakes? That's weird." You commented on one you saw. "No, those are really good! Especially when it's really cold and you eat them with warm milk. It's yummy." You think about it and shrug. "Look at this one." He shoves the page in your face and you take it. "Chocolate chocolate chocolate cupcakes? My gosh that sounds amazing!" You can feel yourself almost start to drool. "We can make those now if you want?" You nod, "Yeah! Let's do it!"

He gets all of the ingredients and you sit back and watch him start to mix stuff together. He notices you just sitting there and he grabs your arm and pulls you over to the counter. "Okay, now you mix in the butter." He hands you a bowl of melted butter. You take it from his hands and pour it into the larger bowl. "Yay! You helped!" You smiled and started to laugh. "Okay what's next?" He hands you the flour and a measuring cup. "Three cups, go!" You stare at the flour and pick it up… and then it slips from your hands. It crashes to the ground and a big white cloud explodes all over the kitchen. "Oh no! Oh Artie I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to it just slipped! Where's your broom; I'll clean it up." As the cloud clears Artie just stares at you. He picks up the bag of flour, grabs a handful, and flicks it at you. You stare down at your black shirt now coated with the white powder. "What… Why did you just do that?!" You take the flour from him and flick some at him. He grabs the bag but you didn't let go. The bag rips in half and both of you fall to the ground covered in flour.

Artie stares at you and you stare back. You crawl over to him and scoop up some flour from the floor and flick it at him. The two of you start to laugh and stand back up. "Sorry about your flour. I'll go get some from my house." You turn to walk towards the door but he grabs onto your shirt. "Wait _____!" You turn around and he pulls you into a kiss. You stand there in shock, but then melt into it. Just as you were getting into it he pulls away. "You had some flour on your lips. Didn't want your mom to get the wrong idea." He winks at you and your whole face turns red. You just walked away without another word.

~*~*~*~Two Months Later~*~*~*~

You walked home hand in hand with Artie after closing the bakery. One month into business and it's already so busy! You let out a tired sigh and Artie looks at you. "Are you alright sweetie?" You nod and he kisses your forehead. Ever since the flour accident your mom declared the two of you as a couple. You objected at first, but Artie was able to convince you when he came over with the cupcakes you were supposed to make together and sweet talked you.

You get to your house and you walk in. "Hey mom, I'm staying over at Artie's tonight!" "Okay, just remember you have school tomorrow." She calls back from the kitchen. You walk over to his house and just barge in. "She said it was okay! Artie? Where are you?" "In here love!" You walk into the living room to see him cuddled under a bright blue blanket with pink cupcakes all over it. You smile and sit down next to him. "Wanna watch a movie?" you nod and he turns on the tv. "What do you want to watch?" You shrug, "Something romantic like The Vow or The Notebook. Or Cinderella. Any of those are fine." He flicks through the pay per view and clicked the Romance section. "Oh that one! I haven't seen Dear John yet!" He smiles and clicks it. You cuddle into him some more and he wraps his arms around you.

The movie begins and Artie plays starts to play with your hair. You couldn't really focus on the movie so you sit up a little. "What's wrong ______?" You look at him and smile. "Nothing, just a bit antsy." He pulls you closer to him and kisses you. You kiss him back and wrap your arms around his neck. He grabs you and pulls you into his lap and holds you around your waist. You pull away from the kiss for a quick breath and he starts to kiss your neck. You let out a little moan making him smirk against your skin. His hands start to roam around your body and eventually up your shirt. He pulls it off and kisses down your chest and gives your boobs a firm squeeze. You let out another moan and grind your hips into his. He groans and grabs you by the hips to lay you down on the couch.

He starts to kiss you again while rubbing your inner thighs. His hands slowly move up to the waist of your pants and he pulls them down. He starts to rub you through your wet panties making you moan some more. He sits up and slowly pulls down your underwear. He rubs you again making you shiver and whimper. He slips in a finger and you wince a little. He wiggles it around and slides it in and out slowly. He adds another finger and spreads them as wide as he could. "Ahh, Artie. Mmmm…" you bite down on your lip. Your body was trembling and he adds a third finger, moving them now at a fast pace. A loud moan comes out of you and he pulls his fingers out.

You look at him as he stands up and starts to take off his pant. Once they were off he climbs back on top of you and kisses you. He puts his hard member right at your entrance. "Artie wait," You sit up and back away from him a bit. "What's wrong love?" You look away and blush. "Well, this is my first time…" He smiled and leaned over to kiss you. "Don't worry love, if you're not ready we can wait." You shake your head. "But I want to; I guess I'm just a bit nervous." He pulls you close and whispers in your ear "Don't worry cupcake, I'll be gentle."

He lays you back down and positions himself again. He slowly pushes in and you grip onto the couch. He stops moving and looks down at you with worried eyes. "Are you alright?" You nod but tears started to form in your eyes. "J-Just keep going." He does as he's told but does so at a very slow pace. You let out a heavy sigh as your body starts to adjust to the pain. He speeds up just a bit. It still hurt but you didn't want to tell him to stop. But he could see the pain on your face, so he pulls out. He stares down at you and smiles. "_____, you look so beautiful right now. I want to remember this night forever and I want it to be good for you." He sits up and pulls you on his lap so you were straddled facing him. "You can do whatever you want love. Take your time." You take a deep breath and slide yourself onto him. It still hurt but not as much. You move up and down, slowly grinding your hips, and kissing all over Artie's neck.

Artie groans and grabs your hips and squeezes tightly. You get use to the pain and pleasure slowly starts to take over. You move faster and he starts to thrust his hips up in tempo with yours. Both of you are panting and moaning and sweating as you go faster. You bury your face in Artie's neck as you feel yourself coming to your end. "Artie, mmm" is all you could get out. You keep going until you finally reach the peak of your orgasm and your body starts to feel limp. You keep going and Artie finishes not too long after. You get off of him and lay down. He cuddles next to you and the two of you fall asleep.

You wake up in the morning feeling like crap. Your whole body hurt and you were exhausted. You look at the clock… 9:54? "SHIT!" you jump up and gather your clothes from the floor. Artie sits up and rubs his eyes. "What's wrong cupcake?" "I'm late for school!" You quickly get dressed and give Artie a kiss. "I'll see you later." You dash over to your house and quickly get ready. When you finish your mom stops you at the door. "_____, I thought I told you to be careful about the time last night because you have school." You nod, "I know but we were up all night watching movies. I couldn't help myself." Your mom sighs, "Well, you're already late. Why don't you just stay home for the day?" "Really? Okay I guess." You throw your school stuff back in your room and fall onto your bed.

Not too soon after you got bored and went back over to Artie's. "I thought you were late?" You shrug, "Not going. I'm spending the day with you." You give him a kiss and he hugs you tightly. "Well since you're here now, are you ready for round two~"

~*~*~*~ Six Hours Later~*~*~*~

You and Artie had unprotected sex for the second time. At the moment you didn't think about it; but now you lie there in his bed with him asleep, you had the time to think about it. It worried you a lot. You wanted to go to college and be successful, but you knew at the same time you wanted to stay with him. Someone knocks on Artie's door. Since he was sleeping you quickly dress and slog towards the door. It was your mom. "Oh hey mom, is something wrong?" She looked like she was about to cry and then shoves three envelopes into your hands. You look down at them: one from Harvard, one from Stanford, and on from Clemson. All of the top three colleges you had in mind.

Artie shuffles into the room and wraps his arms around your waist. What's going on cupcake?" You flash him the letters and he frowns a bit. "What are those?" "Collage acceptance letters! Hurry up and open them!" Your mom bounced excitedly. You open the first one. And you read out loud. "Harvard University would like to apologize for not being able to accept you at this time…" Everyone goes quiet. You throw it on the table. "It's okay, there's still two more…" You open the next one. "Stanford University would like to apologize…." You throw it on the table too and rip open the last one. Tears were already forming in your eyes and you sigh. "Clemson University would like to congratulate you for being accepted into our school."

Your mom takes you into her arms. "Honey I am so proud of you." "Thanks," You pull away from her and go to Artie. "Congrats love. We should celebrate." He smirks and you knew exactly what he meant. "That's a great idea Artie!" Your mom interrupts, "I'll make reservations for dinner tonight." You giggle. "Thanks mom. Let us know when that will be." You basically shove her out the door. "Okay sweetie! See you later then!"

~*~*~*~Four Months Later~*~*~*~

Artie carries you home from your graduation ceremony. While walking off the stage you tripped over your gown and twisted your ankle. You were crying hysterically when it first happened but now that a few hours passed you were okay. "Something like this would happen to me…" "Shhhh, it's okay love. You got your diploma and that's all that matters. I'm proud of you" You looked into his eyes. He was smiling but you knew he was truly upset on the inside. You finished school and now you were moving away for college.

He took you to your bed when you got home. Your mom took care of your ankle while the two of you just laid there and cuddled. When your mom left the room Artie kisses you roughly. "I don't want you to go ______. I'll miss you too much. Please stay." You looked at him and sighed. "Artie… there's something I need to tell you." He looks at you with hope and smiles. "You're staying? Really???" "Dude, I haven't even said anything yet. Calm down." He pouts and kisses you. "Then what is it?"

"Well Artie… I am staying here." He jumps up. "Really! Oh ______ I love you! I'm so happy!" You blush a little. "You didn't let me finish…" You mumbled. He settles down and notices you look upset. "Cupcake, what's wrong." "Artie… I'm staying here because I'm… I'm pregnant." He smiles. "I… I'm going to be a father?" You nod. He kisses you and holds you tightly. "Our baby will be so cute. The cutest of all babies ever born. And I will design his or her entire room because his or her mom sucks at decorating." He looks around your room. "I mean just look at this room, it's so dull!" "Hey, stop making fun of my room!" He laughs and gives you another kiss. "Artie, you know what I want right now?" "What do you want sweetie?" "Some of those chocolate chocolate chocolate cupcakes."

"Anything for you my sweet cupcake."
Gahh it's so long and so fluffy o.e :iconstrokeplz:

Request for :iconakitheshinigami:

Yeah I hope I did a good job ^^

picture: [link]
Story: me

Check out my tumblr:
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