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December 13, 2012
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You sat in english class, doodling all over your journal because you could care less what your teacher was talking about. After you fill up an entire page with your drawings so you flip the page. Thinking of what to draw next, you get an idea: how many ways did you know how to say 'I love you'. You started a list with the ones you knew.

I love you
Te amo
Ti amo
Je t'aime

You tap your pencil on the desk trying to think of any more ways to say it. The bell rings and you jump up and quickly gather your stuff and start to head down to lunch. On your way there you see your friend Tino and stop him. “Tino! You speak Finnish, right?” He nods, “Yes, why? Do you need my help with something?” You take out your journal and flip to the page with your list. “How do you say I love you?” He smiled, “Rakastan sinua.” You scribble it down. “Alright, thanks Tino.” He peeked at your journal curiously, “Mind if I ask what this is for?” “Just making a list of how to say I love you in different languages. It’s kind of cool and interesting.” Tino smiled and nodded, “I know how to say it in Swedish too if you want.” He blushed slightly and you nodded. “Jag alskar dig.”

As you were writing that down someone slapped you on the back of your head. You quickly twirl around and see Gilbert’s smirking face. You roll your eyes and smile at your best friend, “Loser, don’t do that.” You wave goodbye to Tino and start walking to the cafeteria with Gilbert. “Me? A loser? I don’t think so ________.” The two of you laugh and make fun of each other as you sit and eat your lunch. As soon as you finish you stand up, journal in hand, and make Gilbert go around the cafeteria with you to ask people about how to say those three words in their language. When the bell rang, this is what your journal looked like:

I love you
Te amo
Ti amo
Je t'aime
Rakastan sinua
Jag alskar dig
Seni seviyorum
Es milu tevi
ya lyublyu tebya

You were proud of your work. Gilbert took your journal looked over the words. “You’re forgetting one frauline.” He smirked and took your pencil, writing down one more:

Ich liebe dich

You looked at it. “Ich liebe dich?” Your accent sounded so bad and Gilbert laughed, “Say it more like this. Ich liebe dich.” It rolled out of his mouth so smoothly. By now the two of you were in your history class. “Ich liebe dich. Ich liebe dich. Ich liebe dich! ICH LIEBE DICH!” You said in an angry German accent and the two of you start cracking up. “ICH LIEBE DICH! ICH LIEBE DICH!” The both of you called to each other from across the room. People were giving you strange looks, especially the teacher when she came in. “Quiet down guys, we have to finish the last few projects left from last week. Who wants to go first?” Some girl in the front raised her hand and started setting up her presentation. During her whole project, you and Gilbert whispered back and forth ‘ich leibe dich’. When she finished the teacher sighed, “Gilbert. You still haven’t gone. Get up here.”

Gilbert set up his powerpoint and started going slide by slide explaining about some lady you could really care less about. You were getting so bored already… “And then Maria Theresa tried to take the land back, but Prussia was to strong and awesome to ever let that happen. So Prussia-” “ICH LIEBE DICH GILBERT!” You called to him from you seat in the back of the class. Gilbert stopped talking and looked at you with a smile. “Ich liebe dich ________.” Then he turned back to his project and kept going. The teacher just shook her head at you is disapproval, but you could care less. Gilbert was your best friend and you won’t let him forget that any time soon.
It's been a while since I last posted >.> Sorry about that >< School's being a bitch...

Anyways! Request for :iconscarlettrouge13: Sorry it's so short ><

Picture: [link]
Story: me
Characters: Hetalia

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NikoKarma Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I scared my guests from where I was sitting on the couch when I started yelling those three beautiful words back and forth with my friend and dad while my dads friends have no idea what we were saying only knowing we were yelling in a diferent language
TatianaRae Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OMIGOSH!!! So cute!!! X3 I love it so muuuuuchhhhh!!!! I started laughing so hard when I (the reader) yelled out "ICH LEIBE DICH GILBERT!!" Just so cute! Love it! :3 :D :3
PrincessOracle Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012   Digital Artist
That was fluffy XD
XxMaggi-JonesXx Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i only had prior knowlage of the following:
I love you- english
Te amo- spanish
Je t'aime- french
daisuke- japanese
ya lyublyu tebya- russian
scarlettrouge13 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012   Writer
Thank you so much. I dont think it could be more perfect. This exactly how i pictured it and better. Thank you thank you. I have to hug you. :iconbrohugplz:
silverdoggy22 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
Gahhh rinjvhsi Thank you ^///^ I'm glad you like it~
Lemonater Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
hahaha I would do this in school lol
AnnaTrancy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Everyone stop bitching about spelling =___=
silverdoggy22 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Thank you >.>
VaultBoyPaul Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
я люблю тебя! auf russisch :)
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