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October 20, 2012
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You finished unpacking your last box in your new apartment you share with a roommate. You've only met him twice before today so you don't know much about him. You walk to his room and knock on the door. "Come in..." You open the door and smile. Honda Kiku was lying on his bed flipping through a manga and looks up at you. "Kiku, I finished unpacking. Do you want to go grab some food?" He stands up and stretches. "I'd rather cook for us than go out." His accent was heavy and you loved the way it sounded. "Oh, alright then, I can help you cook if you want." He shakes his head and starts making his way to the kitchen. "You are probably tired. You should rest." You follow behind him and jump up on the counter when you get in the kitchen. "If you insist..." You watch as he shuffles around grabbing ingredients and utensils. "So... what are you making?"

"Soba, have you had it before?" You shake your head. "I can't wait to taste it though." You give him a smile but he just turns and cooks. He stays quiet and you start to hum a song. You felt like it was too quiet so you stand up. "Hey Kiku, would you mind if I put some music on?" He shakes his head and you skip out of the kitchen and into your room. You turn on the stereo and blast it loud and wander back to the kitchen. You dance around a bit and notice Kiku looking at you. You make eye contact and he blushes and turns back around. You grab his hand and pull him away from the stove. You twirl with him around the kitchen and dip. He smiles a bit, "What are you doing ______-san?" He blushes and covers his mouth. "I mean ______..." You giggle and stop spinning.

He pulls away and crosses his arms. "Kiku it's okay if you call me that. I don't really mind. In fact, it actually has a nice ring to it." He just turns around and keeps cooking. You jump upon the counter again and sing along to the music. After he finishes with the food he puts it in two bowls and serves them at the table. You take a seat next to him and take a bite of the food. "Oh my, this is so good! You're an excellent cook Kiku!" "Arigato," He takes a bite of food before realizing what he said. "Ah, I mean thank you..." you two ate quietly besides the music still blaring from your room. You finish eating and rub your stomach. "I am so full. Thanks for the food, it was delicious." He nods and takes your bowl to the kitchen. You follow behind him and he starts to do the dishes. You take the soapy sponge from him, "You cooked so I'll clean. It's only fair." He takes the sponge back, "But you should go relax It's only a few things it shouldn't take too long. Besides I like cleaning." You pouted, "But I want to, really. Let me do it."

He didn't respond. Instead, he stared at the wall behind you with fear in his eyes and his cheek muscle twitches a bit. You slowly turn around. There on the wall is a giant dark brown cockroach. The two of you just stand there and stare at it for a minute as it crawls around on the wall slowly with its long antennas swishing around. You gradually scoot out of the kitchen and Kiku follows. "If you kill it I'll let you do the dishes." He whispers to you. "What! No way!" You screamed and he shushed you. "It might here us..." You stare at him and he stares back. Finally he sighs and gives up. "Fine, I'll do it." He grabs a shoe and walks out of your sight. Two quiet minutes pass by.

"AAAIIIYYYAAAHHH!" Kiku runs out of the kitchen and hides behind the couch. You go after him and find him trembling with his face buried under a pillow. "Kiku?! What happened?" He looks up at you and beckons you closer. You move closer to him and he whispers in your ear, "...It flies..." your face goes pale. "That's so gross!" He shushed you again. You look up and see it crawling on the ceiling out of the kitchen. You whimper and point. He stands up and backs as far away from it as he could. "_____-san, let's get out of the house." You nod and grab your shoes and leave out the door.  The two of you just stand outside and look around. "Where should we go?" He shrugs. "The park? It's really nice place to walk." "Okay," you smile and the two of you make your way to the park.

It was a breezy day and you shivered a bit. "I wish I could have grabbed a jacket. Man I really hate bugs..." He nods, "I agree. They are gross." You see a bench under a large willow tree and decide to sit down. He sits next to you and sighs. Another breeze blows past you and you rub your arms to warm up. Time passes by and you just sit there quietly. Next thing you knew the sun was starting to set. "Look at how pretty the sky is." He nods, "It is pretty." You sigh, "You don't really talk much, do you?" He just shrugs. A few more minutes pass by and it gets dark. Kiku stands. "I think we should head home." You stand and start to walk back to the apartment.

You make it to the front door and the two of you just stand there staring at the door knob. "Are you ready for this Kiki?" He nods, "It should be gone by now." You grab the knob and slowly turn it and crack open the door. You look around. "It's clear." You walk in the house and your music is still blasting loudly. You smile and grab Kiku's hands and twirl him around. "Do you like dancing?" He shrugs, "I don't know how to." He looks down at his feet and tries to copy what you do. You just laugh and he blushes. You go and turn off the music and then plop down on the couch in the living room. Kiku was still standing where you left him looking around a bit nervously. You giggle and go up to him and grab his hands. "It's gone, calm down." You drag him over to the couch and sit down.

You turn on the TV and flip through the channels. You didn't find anything that you wanted to watch so you hand the remote to Kiku. He puts on the food channel and you just watch quietly. You start to doze off and eventually fall asleep. You don't know what time it was, but Kiku gently nudged you awake. "____, I'm going to bed. You should probably go to your bed too." You nod and stand up and shuffle to your room. You change into your pajamas and flop into bed and fall asleep quickly. But that sleep doesn't last for long.

"AAAIIIYYYAAAHHH!" Your eyes fling open and you fall out of bed. You hear banging from the other room and you quickly untangle from your sheets and dash to the noise. You fling open the door to Kiku's room and find him curled up in the corner under his sheets. "Kiku! What happened?" He pulls the sheets away from his face and points to his ceiling. There, right above your head, was that damned roach! You shriek and dive in Kiku's direction. You grab his hand and drag him out of the room and into yours. You slam the door and stuffed the sheets under the crack. Kiku trembled and looked around nervously. You notice him wiping tears away from his cheeks. You let out a sigh and lay back down on your bed. You pat the spot next to you and he sits down.  You pull him down so he lies next to you.

"Are you okay?" he nods and takes a deep breath. It was dark in your room and the two of you just lay there for a while. Your eyes close and you're about to fall back asleep until you heard him sniffling. You wrap your arms around him and he tenses up. "_____..." You didn't say anything. You run a hand through his hand and calm him down. He squirms around trying to get out of your grip but you don't let go. He gives up and stays in your arms until the two of you fall asleep.


You open your eyes and Kiku is staring right at you. You blush and sit up quickly. He sits up too and rubs his neck nervously. "Ah, Gomen nasai _____-san..." He mumbles. You smile and pull him into a hug. He tenses up and pulls away with a bright red face. You laugh and walk out of your room. "Wait _______, what about the bug..." You grab a shoe and walk into his room and find it already dead on the floor. You make a gross face at it grabs some paper and throw it away. "Kiku! It's gone! The roach is finally dead!" You roam around the house and find him in the kitchen already cooking some breakfast.

"Arigato ____-san." You smile and look over at the sink and realize the dishes from yesterday are gone. "Hey, when did you do the dishes?" You pouted and he turned around to look at you. "You fell asleep on the couch so I decided to do them so you couldn't tell me no." You laugh and he smiles a bit. "Well then I'm doing the dishes today." He finishes cooking and serves you a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. He lets out a sigh. "______, I'm sorry about the bug problem. I've only been in here for about two months and I haven't seen any before yesterday and the owner said it was clean. I understand if you don't want to stay here any longer." He lowers his head and frowns. You scoot closer to him and wrap an arm around his shoulders. "If I moved out, who would help protect you from the bugs?" You laugh and he blushed a bit.

He turns to you and starts to mumble. "_______-san, thank you for last night. I don't know how I would have dealt with that if I was by myself." He looks down and scrunches his face for a second before giving you a kiss on the cheek. His whole face turns bright red and so does yours. "It was no big deal. If it came in my room I would have probably ended up the same way as you." You take the last bite of your toast and take your plate and Kiku's plate to the sink. He follows you into the kitchen and stands behind you as you wash. "______-kun?" You look over at him and tilt your head. "Hmm?" He looks down and shifts around uncertainly. "Do you want to go watch a movie when you're done with the dishes?" You smile and nod. "I would love to Kiku."
:iconblushplz: Japan is so cute ^^ Request for :icontwilightprincess1025: Fluffiness >.>

Characters: Hetalia
Story: me
Picture: [link]
You: :iconsexyjapanplz:

I just realized how bad my endings suck >.>

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Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
I tried catching a house spider and it crawled on my hand! •imitates Lovino• chigi!!
annetheanimelover Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student
i unlucky day i saw a spider as big as my dad's hand infront of my bedroom and  did not came out of the bedroom for two day , but there was a roach in my bedroom . . .  so i evencually needed to pic one place to go ... outside=spider,inside=roach. . .
i kill the spider and an for my life becouse of what i have seen after killing the spider...
this story is so adorable

Miss-Fandom-Chan Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually Japan I don't want to watch a movie no I want to watch anime
Lydiap3 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student Writer
so adorable~ XD Not gonna lie, I would've reacted the same way :P damn bugs... I:<
mentalitysCanvas Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
I'm pretty mush used to bugs they usually just crawl around the place and I just ignore them and let it go out on it's own or grab my slipper and just squish them (depending of what they are >.>)
Wildheart63 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lawlz~! I loved it~! Just ooooone itsy bitsy thing that I feel the need to point out.

The honorific "kun" is usually used for guys. It's not for girls.
If a guy in Japan ran up to a girl and said, "(name)-kun!" he would probably(get slapped if the girl had the attitude of an American xD) be frowned upon.

I'm sorry if I'm being all grammar-nazi on you. I don't mean to.

I just have OCD. :iconcraiplz:

But I really like it other than that, I can totally see that happening!! xD :icononioncleanplz:
silverdoggy22 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Oh I didn't know that .-. I asked a friend and she told me wrong >< But thank you ^^
Wildheart63 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lawlz, you're welcome. xD I just don't like to sound pushy when i correct people. :iconcryforeverplz:
silverdoggy22 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
I like it when people correct me so it's no big deal^^
BlackAngelLight Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Running out of the house cause of roach...Sounds like me and my mom. XD
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