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A/N WARNING! This is a DIRTY LEMON which contains BDSM related stuff in it >.> Don't like? Don't read! Like? Enjoy :3

You were short on money and rent was due in three weeks. Already having two part-time jobs: waiting tables at a café and bagging at the grocery store on top of having to go to school and studying- It was just too much! You need money and you need it now.

You walk out of your calculus class and look at your watch. "Shit! It's already three! I'm going to be late!" You dash to your apartment down the street and change into the uniform for Publix and grab your bag. You run all the way there-about a mile and a half away- and make it there just before four. You were red and sweaty and out of breath. Your boss comes up to you. "Why are you all sweaty? Whatever, just get to work." You nod, "Yes sir!"

Four hours pass by and your shift is done. You take your bag into the bathroom and quickly change into your uniform for the café and put your Publix uniform in the bag. You were able to leave a little earlier than usual so you walk at a calm and slow pace. You didn't need to be there until 8:30 so you had enough time to take it slow.

You get to the café and it turns out to be very busy that night. You go into the kitchen and wash your hands and start to take orders to the tables. You see your boss walk out of his office. "Hey Antonio, I'm here early!" You shout as you make your way back towards the kitchen. "Well there's a first! Keep this up and you may get a promotion!" The two of you laugh and then continue working. The night drags on and another four hours pass before the last customers finally leave. You lock the front door and turn off the front lights and make your way back into the storage room. Antonio was back there getting ready to leave.

"_____? You're still here?" You nod your head sleepily. "Those people wouldn't leave. If you want to go I'll finish cleaning and locking up." Antonio walks up to you and grabs your hands. "Chica, why do you over work yourself every night? You always leave here last and I know you have another job and school. What's going on?" You sigh and grab your stuff. "I'm just running short on money is all, and you pay a good amount of overtime when I stay late like this so I try to stay as late as I can."

"Low on money you say? I think I may have a quick solution for that. That is, if you're interested." You nod and follow him to his office. He writes down a phone number and hands it to you. "A friend of mine is making a movie and I think you would be perfect as the main female role." He smirks and you try to take this all in. "What kind of movie is it?" He laughs, "I don't know much of the details, but let's just say it is a very important role to play and it pays well. So just give him a call whenever you can." You put the card in your pocket and nod, "I will. Thank you so much Antonio." You get up and head out the door.


You didn't have any classes on the weekend and Publix doesn't let you work there during the weekend either. You got to sleep in until ten before having to get up to go to the café and that's exactly what you did. The alarm blares in your ear and you slam it off with a grunt. After half an hour of getting ready you grab your bag and head out the door.

When you get to the café it was a bit slow. You serve the few tables that had people there and sit at the bar when you're done. Antonio comes from his office. "Buenos dias _____! How are you?" You smile, "I'm good, thank you. And you?" "Aha, I'm good. Say ______, have you called my friend yet?" You look at him funny for a second before remembering. "Oh him! No, I haven't had the time, you know with my busy schedule and all. But I'll get to it soon." He slings his arm around your shoulders. "Chica, why don't you call right now? We're not very busy and I'll even let you use my fancy office phone if you want~" You giggle and shake your head.

"Thanks Antonio, but I have my cell with me." You pull out your cell phone and dial the number. "Hallo, the awesome Gilbert is speaking. Who has the pleasure of speaking with me?" You give Antonio a 'wtf' kind of look and he just giggles. "Uh hi there Gilbert. My name is ______ and I work for Antonio. He told me you needed someone for a role in a movie you were filming and I need some extra money so… yeah. If you need me I could definitely do it." You could see Antonio smirking and the man on the phone chuckled. "Well frau, I am not the one filming it; my brother is. I am the main male role in our little film. But I'm sure you would be perfect for the role." Your eyes lit up. "Really?! Wow that would be great! Thank you so much Gilbert!"

You exchange a bit of information before hanging up and dashing over to Antonio and giving him a big hug. "Thank you so much!!! They're paying me $1,500 to be in their movie! That will help me with my bills so much and it's all thanks to you!" Antonio laughs, "No problem chica! You deserve something good like this." Antonio's cell started to ring and he answers. "Hola Gilbert, what is it? Hm… I see. Oh really?" Antonio stares at you and nods his head. "Okay, I guess so. No we're not busy. Sure! I'll let her know. Adios." Antonio smiles and grabs your hands. "______, I was told to deliver the following message to you: Gilbert needs you at his house as soon as possible to start filming right away. And with my permission, I allow you to take a few hours off to go and work on the film." So with that, Antonio gives you Gilbert's address and you take a bus to his home.

^*^*^*^Gilbert's House^*^*^*^

You knock on the door and are greeted by a muscular man with blonde hair. "Hello! I'm ______, are you Gilbert?" The man shakes his head. "Nien frau, my name is Ludwig. You must be the girl he spoke to on the phone." He stares you up and down and you nod. "I will be directing and filming the movie; I think you will be perfect for this." He lets you in the house. It was big and fancy looking; they must be loaded with money! "This way frau, let me show you the set."

He leads you down some stairs into the basement. It was dim and there were a lot of strange things hanging on the wall: whips, ropes, chains, and some things you've never even seen before. In the center of the room were a pillory and a table, both made from a dark colored wood. One the table was more strange items. You take it all in and thought to yourself, was this it? Your thoughts are interrupted when you here the basement door close. Next to Ludwig stood a white haired, red eyed man with a bright smile.

"Hallo, you're _____? I am Gilbert and I will be the awesome star!" The man struts up to you and grabs both of your hands. "You are just as sexy as Antonio says~" You blush. Antonio, your boss, had called you sexy?! Way to make things awkward… Ludwig walks up to you with something black and shiny in hand. "Here, put this on. Let's just hope it fits." He leads you over to the corner where there was a curtain for you to change behind. You strip your clothes off and put on the outfit: tight leather pants and a leather corset. It fitted your curves perfectly, but took forever to get on. You walk out and Gilbert whistles. "Nice, now get over here so we can start the scene. I'm ready for this!"

You look over at Ludwig. "Uh, is there a script or anything for this? What am I even doing? Do I just stand here and look 'sexy' for this guy?" The two men look at each other and laugh. Gilbert wraps his arm around your shoulders. "Oh _______, you're hilarious!" You just stand there confused. "I'm so serious though…." They stop laughing and look at you. "You… don't know what kind of film this is, do you?" You shake your head and Ludwig face palms. "I thought you said she knew…" Gilbert raises his arms in the air "Toni said she did! He said she was fine with it!" "Dummkopf! Sie hat offensichtlich keine Ahnung, was los ist!" They start yelling at each other in their native tongue and you just watch them go back and forth before Ludwig finally face palms again and sighs. "¬¬¬¬¬________, this is a porno we are making. Apparently something went wrong and no one told you so I understand if you want to leave now."

Your face goes red and you look down feeling like an idiot. You sigh and look up at him. "I-I'll still do it if you need me too." Gilbert laughs, "I knew she wouldn't be able to resist me and my awesome five metres!" He grabs you and pulls you over to the pillory. "Are you ready for the best time in your life frau?" he whispers in your ear and you nod. It wouldn't be your first time ever, but it would be your first time doing anything like this. It was actually kind of exciting.  You get down on your knees and he locks your head and hands up and waits for Ludwig to get his filming materials ready. He gives him the thumbs up and Gilbert walks off scene, leaving you there locked up and helpless. "Okay ______, just act natural, if you can't handle it just yell out safety, okay?" You nod again and he starts filming.

You look around the room at all of the strange things on the walls. Was Gilbert going to use those things on you? Part of you was scared but the other part was excited. Your thoughts were interrupted when Gilbert walks in front of you. His red eyes shone brightly in the dim room. "You listen to me frau, you will address me as your master and will do what I say when I say, you got that?" You nod and look away from him. He grabs your hair and forces you to look at him. "What was that? I didn't hear you." He smirks. "Y-yes sir…"

He walks behind you and you hear things being moved around. Ludwig takes the camera and also moves behind you. Suddenly, the tight leather pants that took you so long to get on were ripped off of you along with your underwear. You start to realize how cold it really was down in that basement… some time passes. How long have you been waiting for something to happen? There was still noise coming from behind you but you couldn't see what was going on. FWOOSH! Your butt was smacked with a whip leaving a stinging hot sensation. You let out a yelp. It comes down on you again, and again, and eight more times, each time you let out a loud cry. Your whole bottom tingled and stung by the time you heard the whip fall to the floor. He then came back into your view with something in his hand. It had a red ball and straps, what could that be for? He crouches down to meet your eyes. "You're too noisy. Shut up." He shoves the red ball into your mouth and straps it around your head. He goes behind you again and more time passes. You could feel your body start to shiver. Finally Gilbert grabs something from the table that starts making a vibrating noise.

You gasp and let out a muffled moan as he presses something against your clit roughly. It was moving so fast and you couldn't help but squirm. SLAP! Gilbert smacks your butt and holds you in place. "Don't move frau." You try your hardest to stop squirming and start to shake uncontrollably. You try to plead for him to move it but he only turns it up faster making you let out another muffled moan. "I thought I told you to shut up frau." He pulls it away and you feel yourself dripping all over your legs. "Wow, you like that didn't you?" He walks back into your view and looks down at you. He slaps you in the face. "Well? Answer me!"

"CUT!" Ludwig stands up and storms over to Gilbert. "What did I tell you about hitting in the face?!" Gilbert rolls his eyes. "To not do it…" "To not do it! And what did you just do?!" Gilbert sighed. "I just did it." "That's right! That is exactly how we lost the last girl! Do you really want to lose this one? Because I don't! So don't hit her in the face!" You tried to speak but the gag muffled your words. They argued back and forth for about another minute before Ludwig went back to the camera.

"Well? Answer me!" Gilbert repeated. You replied with a stifled 'yes sir,' and he smirks. He reaches behind your head and takes off the gag letting you gasp for air. He starts to take off his pants revealing his 'awesome five metres.' You stare at it and blush; not exactly five metres, but still pretty big. He grabs your cheeks and forces your mouth open and shoving himself in. He thrust his hips and grabbed your hair and forces himself all the way in. You start to choke and he thrusts faster and faster. Your face starts to turn red, then almost purple from lack of air. Finally he pulls out and you choke and gasp. He walks behind you again and you wait. He slides his hands up your sides and slowly takes off the leather corset. Then you feel something drip on your back; it was hot and burned your skin. "Ah fuck!" Gilbert slaps your butt and you whimper. He pours more of the scorching liquid on your body and it begins to harden. "M-master, it hurts…"

"Good, it's supposed to." You see Ludwig give you a stern look and you shake your head. Gilbert starts to scrape off the hardened material and blows on your hot skin. You start to relax a bit, until you feel the whip come down on you again. "Don't talk to me unless I talk to you first." Twenty blows of the whip. It clatters onto the floor again and you wait. You hear the vibrating sound again and get excited; you liked that one the most of all the things used so far. Except this time it went inside of you. Gilbert pumped it in and out of you at a fast pace. You can feel yourself almost ready to finish. "Master, I'm about to-" He pulls it out and slaps you again. "I told you already to not speak to me unless spoken to." Thirty more lashes of the whip. It stung and you trembled hard when he was done.

Gilbert grabbed your hips and slams himself into you hard. You let you a moan and he pulls out and does it again and again and again. You start screaming out in pleasure and he lets out little grunts and moans. You were already so close and he knew that. "Beg for it. Beg me to come." You were speechless from all the pleasure, all you managed out was "P-please, lemme-" you came and he pulls out. "You disobeyed me frau." He squeezes your hips tightly and enters roughly into your butt. You let out a loud scream that echoed throughout the room as he pounds into you. It hurt so badly, yet it felt so good.  You could feel him digging his nails into your sides as he goes harder and faster. Next thing you knew Gilbert lets out a loud groan and you feel yourself being filled with his seed.

He pulls out and you can feel it dripping out of you. You can hear him walk away while you sit there in a dazed state. "And scene!" Gilbert jumps out in front of you and applauds. "Well done _____!" Ludwig sets his camera down and joins him. "Ja, well done. I think that's the best film we have made in a long time." You look up at them wearily and smile. "Thanks," Gilbert lets you out of the pillory and helps you stand up. Pain shot through your lower back and you fell back to your knees. "Looks like my awesome five metres was too much for you to handle!" He laughs and picks you up and carries you up to the main floor. "My clothes…?"

"You need a warm bath first. You're all sweaty and sticky and I'm sure Toni wouldn't appreciate you going back to work like that." He gives you a wink before setting you down on the toilet in the bathroom. He turns on the hot water and sets you in the tub. "Will you be alright frau?" You nod. "Yeah, I think so. Thanks Gilbert." "No problem _____," He leaves and returns a few minutes later with your clothes and a check. "I'll just leave this here."


Gilbert lets you out of his car in front of the café. "Bye! Thanks again Gil, I really needed that money." He waves at you, "Bye-bye! Tell Antonio I say hi! And maybe we can meet up and do it again; but next time without my brother filming us~"
So this is a Prussia x Reader request for :iconhillsofsilence: who wanted a something lemony >:3 Sorry if it seems rushed or confusing at times though, I was doing this while at school and on the bus >.> Other than that I hope you like it

Characters: Hetalia
Story: Me
Picture: [link]
You: :iconsexyprussia4plz:

Check out my tumblr:
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