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December 3, 2012
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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
“Damn it guys, I hate you all. I swear I’m going to kill every single one of you slowly and painfully...” You mumble to yourself as you creep as quietly as you could through the dead leaves. Trees surround you everywhere you look. It was cold and starting to get dark. You take out your phone and check it: 30% battery left; no signal. You sigh and keep going forward. You were lost in the middle of the woods with no way to contact anyone. “Great... I’m going to die...”

You walk for another hour... or was it two? Who knows, you lost track of time and it was really dark now. You stop and slide to the ground, feeling around to make sure there was nothing under you. You curl up into a ball and feel tears coming to your eyes. Was anyone even looking for you? Did those girls make up some crazy story for an excuse for you to be gone? Were you going to die? That’s the question that made you lose it; were you going to die? To you it felt obvious that you were; lost, no way to contact anyone, minimal survival skills, and these woods have sketchy rumors about what lives in here.

After you calm down a bit you decide to close your eyes. Maybe you would be able to find your way out of here when there’s light out. You find a tree and lean your back against it and try to get as comfortable as you could. Then… you heard something… the crackling of leaves, whispering, and a growl. Your eyes snap open and you look around. There was nothing. You blew it off as you just being paranoid. Then you hear it again, this time louder. You kept looking around and eventually stood up. You start to run to get away from whatever was near you and you hear footsteps following close behind. You turn a sharp corner and run as fast as you could until you lose whatever was chasing you. You gasp for breath and lean back against what you think is a tree.

It wrapped its arms around your waist and whispers in your ear, “What is a girl like you doing here all alone in these spooky parts?” You want to scream but it gets caught in your throat so you just stand there shaking. Whoever the person was moved the hair covering your neck and planted little kisses. “You smell so good…I could just-” “Please let me go,” you finally manage out. The person chuckled and squeezed you tighter. “But I just want to help you. You seem a bit lost, why don’t I take you home for dinner, si?” His breath was cold on your neck, making you shiver. You thought about it, if you go with this stranger you will get food and out of these woods. But if you leave the stranger you’ll be stuck here until you die. But the stranger may be a weirdo and try something weird… It’s a risk you were willing to take. “Okay… what’s for dinner?”

“You are, bella.” Something sharp pieces into your skin and you scream. You hear a growl and the person hurting you was pulled away. You stumble back and fall to the ground. You could feel blood oozing from your neck and you press your hand against the wound to try to stop it. Your eyes scan your surroundings and two men were on the ground wrestling and yelling in some language you didn’t recognize. Finally one yells, “Okay, I’m sorry!” He back away from the other and runs off. The one who still stood there looked over at you and shook his head. “Ragazza idiota, why would you be out here by yourself? Don’t you know what’s out here?” He turned and started walking away. “Wait mister!” You get up and try to follow him, “Mister! I wanted to say thank… you…” You searched around but couldn’t find him.

You felt yourself getting lightheaded and slid back down to the ground, not even minding what was under you now. You let out a sigh and close your eyes. You heard a voice but you weren’t sure if you were dreaming at this point or not, “You’re going to get killed if you just lay there like that. Hello? Don’t you hear me? Idiota…”

The next morning you woke up in a warm bed in a little cabin. You look around and tried to remember how you got there, but with no luck. Had someone found you? You were hoping that was the case… You felt a bandage on your neck. You rubbed at it, so everything last night really did happen…

There was a knock on the door. “Bella, are you awake?” Your eyes widen at the voice and you hide under the covers. The door opens and you feel the weight shift on the bed. You peek from under the covers and see a handsome man sitting there; brown hair, light brown eyes, very pale skin… “Ciao, my name is Feliciano. I’m sorry I hurt you last night, really I am. I just couldn’t control myself because I was so hungry and…” He looked away embarrassed. You smile a bit, “It’s okay I guess. My name is ________, it’s nice to meet you Feliciano.” You held out your hand and he accepted it and shook. His skin was painfully cold.

Then another man almost identical to Feliciano stood in the doorway. He was a bit taller and everything about him was darker; his eyes, hair, skin. “Ciao, I’m Lovino.” That’s all he said. You smile and go over to him. “You’re the one who saved me, aren’t you? I wanted to say thank you for that.” You wrap your arms around him tightly and he stiffens. “It was whatever. He should know better than to go out like that.” He glared over at Feliciano and then pushed you off of him. “What are you doing in a dangerous place like this anyways? Are you stupid or something?” You sigh and look down at the floor, “Well, I…”

Feliciano put a hand on your shoulder, making you jump. “Let’s get her some food first.” He took your hand and guided you to the kitchen of the small cabin. He looked around a bit, “Do you eat eggs? We have a few of those if you want.” You shrug, “I guess that’s okay.” You took a seat next to Lovino as Feliciano starts cooking for you. “Well? Are you going to answer my question?”

“Oh right… well I moved to this town with my aunt a few months ago. And so I also started a new school too. There are these mean girls who always mess with me and call me names behind my back. And they asked me the other day if I wanted to hang out with them after school, so I agreed.” “Why would you agree if they’re mean? That’s stupid of you.” You shrug, “I thought they might change if I got to know them better. So last night we went out and they said they had a surprise for me, so they put a blindfold on me and drove me somewhere. When we finally got to the place they walked for a while and then pushed me to the ground. They all laughed and I could hear them run away. One of them called out ‘At least maybe the freaks that live here might accept you… Or they’ll eat you. All is good!’ They were gone and I was lost. And that’s how I ended up here.”

Lovino stays quiet but clenches his fist until his knuckles turn white. His breathing speeds up and he quickly stands up. “Excuse me…” He leaves the cabin. Feliciano comes out with your eggs and you start to eat. “That was such a sad story… I’m sorry that happened to you.” You shrug, “There are just people like that in the world. We have to deal with them.” Feliciano reaches across the table and grabs your hand; a shiver runs down your back. “Can I tell you a story? It’s kind of sad like that too.” “Um… Okay?”

“If you couldn’t tell by now, Lovino and I aren’t like most people. I am a vampire and he is a werewolf.” He paused and looked at your reaction. You scrunch up your face and laugh. “Vampire and werewolf? Sounds like some Twilight bull.” Feliciano laughs with you and nods. “Si, it does, but you believe me right?” You thought about it for a second. It all made sense, the way he attacked you and being the cold… You shrug, “I guess so.” He smiles.

“Okay, well on with the sad story. When Lovino was a little boy he was playing in these woods. He got attacked by a giant wolf and was in really bad condition. But after one day he was entirely healed, it was a miracle! He started acting very strange though and the next full moon… well you can imagine what happened. We were all scared of him and scared to get hurt. But we all learned to live with it. But two years ago he attacked an innocent person and it wasn’t even full moon. The entire family didn’t even want to talk to him so he banished himself here. I started to miss him so I came to visit him but I got lost. It was pretty much the situation you were in last night, I was scared, lost, and someone came up behind me and bit me. I thought I was dying, well I guess I did in a way. But that’s what happened to me. And I’m still getting use to… being like this.”

You hear a low growl and turn around. Lovino stood there with his arms crossed. “Are you going to tell every stranger we come across our life stories? She didn’t need to know any of that!” He came over to the table and sat down. “But you said she might-” “I know what I said! But it’s not for certain!” You looked back and forth between them. “I might what? What are you guys talking about?” They exchange looks and sigh simultaneously. “You see bella, I bit you. But it was only for a short second and you’re still okay.” You look at them confused. “So… what does that mean for me?” “Damn it ragazza, we don’t know if you’re going to transform or not!” Your eyes widen and your hand goes to the bandage. You felt fine but who knows, what if you weren’t okay?

“How did it happen for you?” Feliciano thought back and shrugged. “I don’t remember. I was bit and then I passed out. Two days later I woke up and that night I felt thirsty for blood. But I don’t know anything about vampires except what I know about myself. I haven’t met another one yet, even the one who bit me ran off and I never saw him again.” You frown a bit. “Then I should be alright, right?” They exchange looks again. This time Lovino spoke, “Maybe you should stay here for a few days. Just to be safe, don’t want you to go on a crazy rampage if you suddenly become thirsty.” He laughs bitterly and all you can do is nod. “It’s not like any misses me anyways.” “What about your aunt? I’m sure she’s worried sick.” You shake your head. “Are you kidding? I bet she’s glad I’m gone.”

Everyone goes quiet for a bit. Then Lovino stands. “I’m going to the store; we need more food if she’s staying with us.” He grabs a coat and Feliciano follows behind him. “Are you sure you want to go? It’s full moon and your temper …” Lovino shoved him away. “I’ll be fine. It’s better than you going out there. I’ll be home in an hour. Control your thirst.” With that he left the home and left you alone with the man who previously tried to kill you. Feliciano goes over to you and puts a hand on your shoulder, you squirm uncomfortably. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you again, I swear!” A sudden wave of dizziness hits you making you groan and hold your head. “Are you okay? Let’s get you back to bed, you look a little sick.” You shoo him away, “I’m fine…” Your head goes flying forward and everything goes black again.

You wake up in the bed again.  You look around and Feliciano is pulling some pants on, you turn and blush. He notices you awake and giggles. “Well hello there sleepy head, you’ve been out the whole day!” You stay quiet and look out the window, the sun was setting and it was getting dark fast. You feel a weight on the bed and you look over at Feli, now sitting on the bed. “We’re going out for food. We’ll be back by sunrise, okay? But just stay here. Lovino bought food for you in case you get hungry.” Feli left the room and within minutes the front door slams shut. You look out the window and see the two brothers running into the woods.

You get up and sway a little bit, your head was feeling light and a tingling sensation of bile started to rise in your stomach and up your throat. You rush to the bathroom and vomit for about two minutes straight. When you finished your throat and mouth burned and everything around you was spinning. “No, I can’t be sick now…” you mumble to yourself. You shakily stand up and go to the sink to rinse your mouth out. Then you see yourself in the mirror; eyes sunken deep into your skull, extremely pale skin, and skinnier than usual. You groan and make your way to the kitchen to get some food. Looking through the pantries you find a few things to eat and decide on a banana. But as soon as you take a bite of it you were right back in the bathroom puking it up. You groan again and clutch your aching stomach.

You didn’t want to move, you barely even had the energy to think straight. Everything around you was spinning so fast making you even more nauseous. You curl up into a ball and close your eyes. Coldness starts to take over you, letting your body relax and fall limp. Everything that was wrong with you a second ago seemed to just disappear; you felt euphoric. You smile as the bathroom light seems to get brighter and brighter, but not so bright to where it hurt your eyes. It was more like a comforting bright that wanted to take the coldness from your body and warm you up like a snug blanket. You bask in the light, but never moved closer to it. For some odd reason your body preferred the cold to the warm, bright light. Then everything turns dark and you start to shiver.

Next, you hear voices. They were distant but still clear enough to hear. It sounds a lot like Feliciano and Lovino. The voices were strained and worried and you tried to comfort them. ‘Shhh, don’t worry. I’m okay, I like it here.’ That’s what you would have said. The words got caught in your throat and choked you. No more talking… You tried to move but your whole body was paralyzed. You didn’t like the dark. The cold was becoming too much and you started to freak out. You couldn’t get out of it and you couldn’t scream for help; you were trapped.

A pain shoots through your whole body and you sit up, taking in big gasps of air. You choke and looked around you; you were in the bathroom again with Feliciano and Lovino next to you. Feli had tears streaming down his face and Lovino looked like he was near tears. Feli wrapped his arms around you. “You’re okay… I thought you were gone for good. I felt scared.” Your head starts to throb and you still couldn’t speak, so you groan. He didn’t feel as cold anymore. Lovino then took you into his arms, but then started coughing and pushed you away. “You stink… like Feliciano…” There was only one thing on your mind by now. Finally getting your strength back, you speak. “Food… I need food.” The two look at each other and Feli picks you up. “Well we have plenty for you to eat.”

Feliciano carried you to the kitchen and put you down in a chair. “You have this banana you can still eat, you want this.” You shake your head. “I need… I need something else.” “Okay, we have apples too!” Lovino growled, “No you idiota! Can’t you see what you’ve done to her?!” He sighed and took a seat next to you. “How hungry are you.” You just stare at him, your mind going blank. “Well?! Answer me!” You shrug, “I feel… really hungry. I need food now.” Feliciano grabs your hand and pulls you up. “Well bella, let’s go feed.” Lovino grabs your other hand. “Are you crazy?! It’s the middle of the day and she doesn’t know what to do. Damn it, you barely even know what to do!”

You look between the boys. “I can wait… but I need food soon.” You pull away from the two of them and go back into the bathroom. You don’t know what happened to you. There was blood splatters and vomit on the floor. You look in the mirror and gasp; you were as white as a ghost. Your lips trembles and you lick them and then flash a smile revealing two sharp fangs. Feli appears behind you. “I’m so sorry bella, I didn’t know you would change, and it happened so quick and we were so worried that you were actually hurt and…” You turned around and put a finger on his lips. “Shhhh, it’s okay Feli. I… I kinda like it. Except for this nagging feeling of hunger, I feel fine.” You smile and lean against him. “I feel just fine…”

Later that night you go on your first feeding. Lovino followed behind you and Feli to make sure you don’t do anything bad or hurt yourselves. Feliciano showed you how to do it and when it came to your turn you attacked a small doe. At first you felt sad, but when the hunger feeling started to go away you felt better. You lick your lips from anything left on them. You smile and laugh, “I did it… I did it!”

Back at home you sat at the dining room table, thinking of everything that happened. Lovino can out and sat next to you. It was quiet for a bit. “I bought all this food for you. What a waste of my money.” You couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would happen to me.” He shrugged. “You’re just lucky I didn’t let him kill you that night. Or that it was before the full moon and I didn’t eat you.” You laugh again and then sigh. “So what happens now?” He looks over at you and scoffs. “Isn’t it obvious, idiota? You live with us now.” Your eyes widen. “W-What?” “We can’t let you by yourself or let you go back home like that. You’ll kill everyone. Or at least change them all. And if I had to deal with that stench everywhere I went I would kill every last one of you bastards.” You laugh again and shake your head. “Do you even know how to kill a vampire?” He shakes his head. “Nope, but I could easily find out, I have two living with me right now.”

And you live with them forever until the end of time.
Request for: :iconverovi: Shitty ending is shitty >.> Bluh

Story: me
Characters: Hetalia
You: :iconsexyitaly2plz: and :iconsexyromano2plz:

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lunaeclps Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I love the story. Though what you could have done was that, Feli bite the reader, then have the reader use defensive reflexes and run away. Next have the reader run into Lovi and have him accidentally bite the reader. Finally later have the reader be part werewolf and vampire. Though that is my opinion on another way this story could have been executed. Great story overall though. I will absolutely come back and read it again sometime. 
pktcat Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Student Artist
Nuu I wanna kill people using awesome werewolf powerz XDDD
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pktcat Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Student Artist
Nuu I wanna kill people using awesome werewolf powerz XDDD
:iconwerewolfplz: :iconleftarrowplz: :iconlplz: :iconiplz: :iconkplz: :iconeplz: :iconaplz: :iconbplz: :iconaplz::iconwplz: :iconsplz: :iconsplz:
pktcat Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Student Artist
Nuu I wanna kill people using awesome werewolf powerz XDDD
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Marcysowicked2434 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Noooooooooo I wanted to be a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!T.T
animelover-8 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It no a lemon 🍋 nuuuuuu meh so sad T.T
HappyLittleTune1223 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Hmm.... I wonder if I should take a mini revenge on Italy.. You know, like pull a prank on him for turning me vampire? Neh...

This was really well written though, I loved it!! :3
Stef-be-here Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
YEEEEEE. :iconawesomelaplz:
mariaushromiya Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yay I live with the most sexy Italians ever, funny too cause I was thinking there should be a stroy with Italy as a vampire!! And look here is one!

Maria wants a hug you amazing writer!
silverdoggy22 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Oh geez thanks love ^//^ *huggles*
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